All Saints of America Mission
Orthodox Church in America




To:  Members and Friends of the Mission

From:  The Mission’s Parish Council members


Because we are still a homeless, wandering Mission, here is the schedule of worship at the Mission for the summer:


During June, July and August, Sunday Liturgies will begin at 9:00 AM.

All Sunday Liturgies will be celebrated at the Hampton Inn, 5281 Richmond Highway, Alexandria.


No Saturday evening Vespers at all until we establish a new chapel. 


As many of you know, the purchase of a building on Herbert Street fell through. We continue to look for permanent quarters for the Mission.  Such quarters must be zoned for a church and large enough to accommodate our assemblies.  At this point we could afford between five and seven hundred thousand dollars.  The search is a common search, so if you know of a suitable place, please make this known.


Meanwhile, while we continue our search, we may temporarily rent a place for the Mission.  If this happens, then, of course, worship will no longer be at the Hampton Inn and you will be informed. 


May the grace and blessing of God help us to discern His holy will for us and for our Mission.  As the psalm points out:  “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders build it in vain.”


A happy summer to all of you!




Welcome to Our Parish!
All Saints of America Orthodox church in Alexandria was established as an all-English church on July 1, 2008 by the blessing of Metropolitan Herman. Its goal is to provide a community for local Orthodox Christians and make the Orthodox faith known in this area.
As a mission of the Orthodox Church in America, All Saints of America church strives to continue the missionary work begun by the earliest Russian missionaries in Alaska. Through their writings, it is clear that they believed that the Apostolic Orthodox Faith was being brought to America by the will of God. They labored to translate the Gospel and services into native languages and foresaw the establishment of an indigenous Orthodox Church in America.
The Orthodox Church is neither Roman Catholic nor Protestant. Although the Orthodox Church has been historically connected with various ethnic cultures - especially those in Eastern Europe and the Mid East - the Orthodox Faith, claiming unbroken continuity with Apostolic Faith, is universal in character and calls all to "come and see."
For temporary service location and times, either contact Fr. Michael or go to the "driving directions" page.
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