All Saints of America Mission
Orthodox Church in America
All Saints of America Orthodox church in Alexandria was established as an all-English church on July 1, 2008 by the blessing of Metropolitan Herman. Its goal is to provide a community for local Orthodox Christians and make the Orthodox faith known in this area.
As a mission of the Orthodox Church in America, All Saints of America church strives to continue the missionary work begun by the earliest Russian missionaries in Alaska. Through their writings, it is clear that they believed that the Apostolic Orthodox Faith was being brought to America by the will of God. They labored to translate the Gospel and services into native languages and foresaw the establishment of an indigenous Orthodox Church in America.
The Orthodox Church is neither Roman Catholic nor Protestant. Although the Orthodox Church has been historically connected with various ethnic cultures - especially those in Eastern Europe and the Mid East - the Orthodox Faith, claiming unbroken continuity with Apostolic Faith, is universal in character and calls all to "come and see."
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Sunday Reflections
The following reflections are from the wirttings and collections of Father Michael of blessed memory


Today Christ enters Jerusalem as King – a King without an army, without wealth and Who wrote nothing – but a King of a Kingdom which will last forever. Today, as we stand in Church, we proclaim that that Kingdom is the highest value and the content of our lives. It is that Kingdom into which we have been baptized and which lies at the very heart of our Orthodox Church for the Church herself is the ‘sacrament’ of the Kingdom of God in the world. A good deal of contemporary Christianity identifies the Kingdom of God with social and political movements. While Jesus certainly had compassion on suffering humanity His Kingdom is not an earthly or political one – but one in which all the dead and suffering from all ages will be healed and resurrected once and for all. May the mysterious power of Holy Week transform our commemoration of Christ’s Passion into one of participation – even now – in the new life of His Kingdom which exploded into the world with His Resurrection.fmk (Originally published on Palm Sunday bulletin, April 24, 2016)

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