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Orthodox Church in America
All Saints of America Orthodox church in Alexandria was established as an all-English church on July 1, 2008 by the blessing of Metropolitan Herman. Its goal is to provide a community for local Orthodox Christians and make the Orthodox faith known in this area.
As a mission of the Orthodox Church in America, All Saints of America church strives to continue the missionary work begun by the earliest Russian missionaries in Alaska. Through their writings, it is clear that they believed that the Apostolic Orthodox Faith was being brought to America by the will of God. They labored to translate the Gospel and services into native languages and foresaw the establishment of an indigenous Orthodox Church in America.
The Orthodox Church is neither Roman Catholic nor Protestant. Although the Orthodox Church has been historically connected with various ethnic cultures - especially those in Eastern Europe and the Mid East - the Orthodox Faith, claiming unbroken continuity with Apostolic Faith, is universal in character and calls all to "come and see."
Repose of the Mitred Archpriest Michael Koblosh

It is with a heavy heart that the parish council of All Saints of America Orthodox Mission announces that our priest, Father Michael, died in the morning on Wednesday, August 18.


The family has asked that in lieu of flowers, all gifts in Father Michael’s memory be made to All Saints of America Orthodox Mission. Please note "In Memory of Father Michael" on your check and send to All Saints Orthodox Mission c/o Carolyn Carmack, 6001 Wendron Way, Alexandria, VA 22315-2656.

May the memory of our beloved pastor be eternal. 


O Lord of Hosts, You are the consolation of the afflicted, the comfort of those who mourn, and the support of all those who are fainthearted. Comfort, through Your lovingkindness, those who are distressed with weeping for him who has fallen asleep, and heal every pain that weighs on their hearts. Also give rest in Abraham's bosom to Your servant, the Mitred Archpriest Michael, who has fallen asleep in the hope of resurrection unto life eternal. For You are the resurrection and the life and the repose of Your servant, the Mitred Archpriest Michael, O Christ our God, and to You do we ascribe glory, with Your Father Who is everlasting, and Your all-holy and good and life-giving Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

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Liturgy and Fasting
Fasting and Liturgy

An article by Father Alexander Schmemann on the importance of Liturgy and fasting.

Liturgy and Fasting

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